Announcements February 2013

We have found new owners for much of our rare collection in 2012.

Charlie asked to see that his lifetime collection help as many people as possible. We did our best effort.

We still a good number of hard-to-find premium gun barrels of various calibers.

Also, we can profile, chamber, and thread barrels for certain calibers, in house.

(Photo of Charlie in 1956…We miss him!)  Many visitors at gun shows have shared their memories of Charlie Grossman.  It was his wish to see his massive collection of gun parts go on to do good for others.

charlie grossman - gunsmith
This site dedicated in memory of Charlie Grossman (1956 photo)

Scope Mounts

Updated 2/1/2013

We have sold a substantial number off of this list. If you have a specific need, please contact us.  We will put a new updated list on here as we get to it.

See the Scope Mounts page for the complete list.

Scope Mounts………from Charlie Grossman’s estate. All believed to be 1950-1980 inventory. # is Model #. All new/old stock. ( NOS) Shown in Photo with original packaging. Listed on Ebay for $21 ( similar ones) Are some rare ones that need to be listed for more)

1. Weaver Mount—top mount base-#87. fits H & R Model 700-22 Magnum Semi-auto-(NOS-(in original package) (believed to be 1960’s and 1970’s inventory). with screws.
2. Weaver Mount-top mount base-#82-fits H & R Trapper-#158-C –(after 1972)-with screws.
3. Weaver Mount-top mount-base #81-fits H & R 360,361-with (4) screws. (NOS –(with original packaging).
4. Weaver Mount-top mount base-#70-fits Japanese 6.5MM ,7.7MM-Remington XP 100,600,660. (with schmin and screws (3).
5. Weaver Mount-top mount base-#82-fits H & R Trapper-#158-C ( after 1972) with screws.
6. Weaver Mount-top mount base-#87. fits H & R Model 700-22 Magnum Semi-auto ( Nos-(in original package) (believed to be 1960’s and 1970’s Inventory) with screws.

161. ( same as #’s 95-96-97-118). A) 45……
162. Repackaged) # 19—( same as #’s 123-141-149). a) 19…….
163. ( Same as #42) is: Base mount # 74….

Scope Mounts from Charlie’s Estate. Older Inventory WR Weaver Company—-All in paper envelopes. No Gun model #’s stated –only base model listed. Envelopes may be dusty..all appear to be unopened and complete. 1940’s vintage forward. All mounts will be top, side or pivot base mounts. Screws mentioned only, if missing. Will state if repackaged, due to torn envelope.
1. 139-pivot.
2. 20-A-top.
3. 27-top.
4. 140-pivot.

49. 161-pivot.
50. 161-pivot.
51. 13-top.
52. 71-top.

Bolt Action and Winchester Rifle Parts

February 1, 2013

STILL HAVE NEW MANUFACTURED MAUSER BOLTS!!! Actual 1956 last production, factory spec.

We have a much smaller collection of parts, since much of our collection has move to new owners.  Many new owners.

We will be updating this list as time permits.  Much of these listed here are now gone.

Please contact us with specific needs or questions.

See more on these Pages…

Gun Barrels

Gun Stocks

1 Gun Barrel – Used – Springfield ’03 or ’03A3 Bull barrel.  Will polish beautifully, drilled and tapped in 2 places: Unertl mounting forward and Weaver mounting rear. Chambered fo .243, appears to be low wear in bore. Blued finish. $70

2 Gun Barrel – Unused – Winchester Model 92 Barrel, Numrich arms replacement barrel for .22 rimfire, New and Unused condition, Octagon barrel, threaded, sight dovetails are pre-cut. $150

3 Gun Barrel – Used – M98 Browning Arms Barrel. H&H .300 Magnum. Bore and chamber in very good condition with front sight base. Few minor rust spots.  One full thread is pulled. Will fit ’98 Mauser.  Need thread finishing die to repair. $50

4 Gun Barrel – Unused – Douglas light sporter barrels rifled, CNC contoured barrel blanks.  Pre contoured barrel, not chambered. Unthreaded, uncrowned.  In the white (unfinished).  Quantity of 8 available in group, calibers in .308 and .243. $120 each

5 Gun Barrel – Unused – .30-’06 Barrel for M98 (Very Unusual).  Complete for screw-in. Strongly recommeding barrel be installed by qualified gunsmith to confirm headspace.  We could do the fitting at extra charge if arrangements are made.  Barrels do not have sights installed.  $150

6 Gun Barrel – Unused – Douglas unfinished barrel blanks.  Air gauged, approx. various calibers from .458 down to .17  Rifled, not contoured. Quantity 25 in group. $200 each.

7 Gun Barrel – Unused – M98 Barrels.  New and unused. 23 inches in length, 3-step military profile. Blued .30-’06 (most unusual), Believed to be for Haitian Mausers. Very last Mausers produced by Fabrique Nationale (FN) in 1956, will fit an Mauser.  Not 8MM. If placed on 8MM magazine box, will need to extend box well by 0.200 inch.  Quantity 4.  $100 each.

Gun Bolt

Gun Bolt – Unused – M98 Mauser Bolts – Original FN manufactured forgings from 1956. Produced and finished in 2011, fully metallurgical testing to original standards.  Stripped bolt with no extractor, cocking piece, sear, firing pin.  Some with bent handles (pre-forged).  Quantity 20.  $45 each.


1 Barreled action – used – Springfield 1884 Trap Door – No FFL required. This is a nearly complete gun including complete Fajen stock and side plate. .45/70 carbine.  With hammer, missing the striker pin. $350


Dedicated and in Memory of Charlie…

charlie grossman - gunsmith

This site dedicated in memory of Charlie Grossman


We dedicate this site in memory of Charlie Grossman who passed  away in 2011 at age 93.  Charlie was a master gunsmith and left a treasure of gun parts, some of which we are offering for sale.  Charlie fought for this nation, and survived many firefights in the Pacific during WWII.  Lester had the privilege to have known and worked with Charlie as a mentor for those last 15 years in addition to Lester’s lifetime of shooting, building, and collecting guns.  This one is for you, Charlie….